Park City Post Office to Remain Open

I just heard Leslie Thatcher’s report telling us that Park City’s Main Street post office will stay open for the foreseeable future. You can listen to the story here… .

Most of us probably think of the Main Street post office branch as the original low tech site for exchanging information. Before I moved to Park City, I never would have thought that doing something as mundane as picking up my mail would be a highlight of my day. I love having an excuse to take a walk on a sunny day and meeting up with friends for a quick chat about the weather, some juicy gossip, or an update on recent vacations. It’s also a great place to talk about politics, and if the discussion gets intense, well there are plenty of establishments on Main Street where friends can share refreshments along with a debate over the latest zoning decision.

A few years ago Robert Putnam wrote a book called Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community, ( about how we are rapidly loosing public places that used to define our communities. Putnam was particularly regretful about the loss of the corner pubs where everyone knows your name. I think of the post office as a place like that, a public place where people stop and say hello and catch up on what’s going on around town. I’m glad the post office won’t be shut down.

I’d like to think that KPCW Community Forum Facebook page ( could develop into a public space for discussion. The world might be flat these days, and we are all connected electronically to places around the globe, but I still think we need a community gathering spot to connect with our neighbors. If you can’t make it to the post office, maybe you can make it to our community page and tell us what’s going on around Park City.


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